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Raptor Awareness

March 24, 2010

Blogiraptor must-have #2: Raptor survival tips.

Picture this: you are sitting in your living room, reclining in your favourite armchair in front of the TV. In one hand, you loosely grip the remote, and the other digs into a bowl of salted peanuts. As you breathe a lazy sigh and stretch for the volume button, the bay window behind you shatters! Your outstretched arm is suddenly half devoured, pinned inside a velociraptor’s toothy mouth as another hops lightly through the broken window and maneuvers to flank you.

Terrible, isn’t it? Well, with a bit of preparation and quick thinking, situations such as this CAN be avoided! This regular section of my blog aims at educating you, the readers, on raptor preparedness and survival skills. For example:

Raptor Tip #1: Analyze your home for ideal raptor entry points, such as bay windows, other low windows of medium to large size, and weak or windowed garage doors. Remember that raptors are agile and swift, and will likely be able to climb, so chimneys, second floor windows, and large ventilation shafts should also be considered danger zones. Once a blueprint of your home is marked with these entry points, take appropriate action to close those areas from forced entry (reinforced security bars, bricking them up, thick boards, bulletproof glass… be creative!).

Remember, this tip isn’t just for home; always be aware of your surroundings, keeping in mind where a raptor is most likely to emerge from and planning escape routes in advance!

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  1. Emma permalink
    March 24, 2010 3:33 am

    I am so thankful that someone is taking time to make people aware of important issues that face our generation. One day we will be indebted to you for this information.

  2. Vincent permalink
    February 7, 2012 1:57 pm

    Try tricking them inside an enclosed area with a top and trap it using their own sounds against it

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