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Dinos like fun.

April 16, 2010

Hello readers! I apologize for the infrequent updates, exam season, final projects, etc at the university have been getting to me. Anyways, to get updating, here is another short music review for your listening pleasure.

Do you happen to like Queen? Even as a guilty pleasure? Are you a member of the more modern crowd, and a fan of The Format? How about combining the two? I happen to be a fan of both, and was delighted to discover a band simply called “fun.” Yes, with the lowercase and the period; that wasn’t a typo. As a sample of their work, take a listen to All the Pretty Girls from the album Aim and Ignite.

While fun presents a strikingly different style from the other artists that I have showcased on my blog so far, they play the kind of music that just feels good. All the Pretty Girls is one of those tunes that I just can’t but smile and tap my foot to, and it is not the only song of this kind on the album; songs like Benson Hedges and I Wanna Be the One keep the happy-go-lucky feel going strong. I’ll admit though, the lyrics are shallow. There really isn’t much to this music but the feel of the music itself, but sometimes that simplicity is exactly what a person needs.

Nate Ruess apparently formed the band when he left The Format to move to New York. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the move, since The Format released an excellent album, Dog Problems, in 2006 and I think future material would’ve only improved from there. Nate’s role as the frontman overtop an entirely different background is interesting, and I’m curious to see if fun will start to bring some more complexity into their music, or if they have contentedly found a niche of pure happiness to sit in. Who knows, maybe Ruess will change his mind again, and start a new band called “NEVERMIND!” that sounds like The Format blended with something depressing. Regardless, keep your eye out for this one, and throw Aim and Ignite into the stereo on the next rainy day you encounter. It’ll feel great.

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