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Anti-Raptor Training

May 10, 2010

Archery target win.

If you are even the slightest bit prepared for a velociraptor epidemic, you have likely thought about purchasing a firearm. Perhaps you even own one already! First, I hope you skipped the pistol and went straight to big game rifle. Second, have you ever considered the availability of ammunition in post-raptor Canada? Chances are, you’ll have some trouble staying loaded.

With this in mind the other day, I decided to visit the Calgary Archery Centre to hone my skills with an alternative weapon: the bow and arrow! Get one of those going, and you can either retrieve your ammunition from fallen raptors or fashion your own from materials at hand.

All purpose for the visit aside, the facility there is top-notch; the double floor warehouse not only has two indoor shooting ranges (one of which is up to 40 yards long, and has 3D targets), but also boasts an enormous pro shop packed with bows, arrows, targets, and a plethora of other shooting and hunting gear. On top of all that, the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, and the prices to stay and shoot are a bargain; $10 to shoot until your fingers fall off, and a mere $6 to rent your choice of composite or recurve bow.

While exploring the pro shop before hitting the range, I was extremely pleased to see the most practical 3D archery target I have ever witnessed: a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur, pictured left. You can’t see it very well there, but it even has etched-in targets around its most vital organs on the front and sides! I know it isn’t a velociraptor, but the similarity would certainly be enough to train up for the imminent threat.

I would highly recommend visiting the Calgary Archery Centre, it is a really well run place. Even if you want to put survival out of your mind for a while, it could be a cheap place to burn a few hours doing something different! I’ll have to check out Calgary’s outdoor range west on highway 8 soon as well, now that I’ve had a taste of Robin Hoodery.

My only regret is not buying that dino target before the gentleman who took it as I was leaving…

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