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May 11, 2010

It’s been a while since a new music post has been up, so I thought I’d re-start the tradition with a bit of a change-up: Boom Ha by Smalltown DJ’s and DJ Wax Romeo, featuring Shad K.

Right from the opening shout-out to its last chord, this song pounds along with a constant energy that is rare outside of popular club music. However, unlike that top 40 club garbage, this tune has a uniqueness and originality behind it that makes it feel even better to groove to. Lyrically, there’s nothing deep going on, but the flow is just fun! Listening to the constant run-on phrases of rhyme about nothing in particular just feels good, and I guarantee you you’ll be singing along if you decide to play this more than once: “Boom ha! boom ha! / Let me see the hands in the room high / High like a witch on a broom / Flies by the moonlight tonight!” Seriously, it’s fun.

And if you’re not convinced that this song is awesome yet, watch the wonderfully fresh music video as you listen, directed by designer Matt Luckhurst. If that is still not enough, both Smalltown DJs and DJ Wax Romeo are based in Calgary, making this a local masterpiece of dance music. DJ Wax Romeo actually plays frequent shows around Calgary (weekly at Hai Karate with Smalltown DJs, I believe), and I remember seeing his sets many times at the Marquee Room (a great little gallery and club above the Uptown theatre) in the past few years.

Happy dancing, folks.

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