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Blogiraptor, meet Radiosaurus

September 7, 2010

Okay, so perhaps I have a minor obsession with dinosaurs.

Velociraptor: Mmm, deadly.

Nontheless, I am very proud to announce the official debut of my aforementioned radio program. That’s right folks, “Radiosaurus” is now officially a weekly program on Calgary’s own CJSW 90.9 fm, our faithful U of C campus radio station! The show will be occupying the prime-time slot of 3-7 am on Sunday mornings. As the name suggests, the show will have a unifying theme of all things dinosaurs (awesome), complete with oodles of music arranged by theme or genre each hour of the show.

I am going to use this fine opportunity to re-boot my blog and change its focus a little bit. While I still plan to occasionally post my random thoughts and scientific musings, the key foci of this blog will now be: Radio, dinosaurs, and music. It will now be somewhat of a home base for my radio show.

Finally, since I realize that not everyone will be awake at that time of day when I am (hopefully) rocking the airwaves, I intend to post both track lists of what I play and hopefully audio of the shows themselves.

Thanks for your patience, and welcome to the new Radiosaurus, hosted by a Blogiraptor. Stay tuned for updates. I promise they’ll be more frequent.

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